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DIY bowl

Hellooooo everyone ♥♥♥

Today I did a little bit of DIY for my room and I thought, let me share it with you guys.

I made some little bowls out of oven baked clay. It was a friend who told me how to make these bowls. It was a very fun process to make these bowls so that is why I chose to share it with you.  🙂 

I will tell you step by step how to make your own DIY bowl. Just don’t forget to have fun while you doing it!                                       

•  First you will need to buy oven baked clay. This is something you don’t find everywhere but normally you should find it a local hobby shop. In the shop you can choose the colors you want to use for these bowls. I chose the colors rose and white (the color white is a good color for the marble effect) -> in Belgium you can buy it in AVA.


The second step in this process is to choose which colors you want to combine with each other.  Then you mold the claymix until it is soft. When it is soft you roll the claymix into 3 or 4 ‘sausages’. 


In the third step you will need to lay the ‘sausages’ togheter. After that you just need to roll the ‘sausages’ together and mold it so it will mix the colors. The easiest way to mold the ‘sausages’ togheter is with a rolling pin.


After that you roll the clay flat for you bowl and you cut a round piece out of it.


Now it is time to put your clay in some sort of a cake pan. But remember, if you want to have a bowl at the end, you will need to use a form that creates the shape of a bowl. 

Let your clay now bake in the oven for 30 minutes on 110 Celsius.



I hope you liked the DIY! Let me know if you tried it, and you may always show me the result!

Many love for you guys!

xxxxx Manon



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